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Sign Up

Create an account to enjoy unlimited battles in various different modes and styles.


Login ID: Enter the Login ID you’ve created.

Password: Enter your password.

Click on “Login” button to start GetAmped.


Click to Exit game.

Select Server and Channel

Select a Server and Channel to start the game.


After you have entered the game, you will be prompted to enter ‘Tutorial Mode’ or create a game character.

Click on Tutorial mode and our NPC will guide you through the session. It’s a good place to learn the tips and quips of the game!


Character Creation

After you have completed your Tutorial, you will be prompted to create a character. You can even customize your very own character with the Skin Edit Tool and share your designed avatar with your friends!

After you have created your character, you may choose from various jobs available. Each job has different characteristics.


Note: If the room is full, you will not be able to participate in that round but you can still view the battle in action.

At the Lobby

At the Lobby, you will see the game room list and the various game modes selected by other players. You will also see the User List of all players online at the moment. You may chat with other players in the User List using the chat board feature.

Under the game room list, double click on your preferred room to join. You will see a list of other players in the game waiting room before the game starts.


Select the ‘Shop’ option at the lobby to start shopping for your character. Dress up your avatar and purchase weaponry and armor to enhance your stats and perform better in battle.

In shops, you will be able to view various items in Game Currency and Cash.

Note: After you have purchased items, it will be set as “Sold Out”.