Fighter o



Fighter is a basic style of Getamped.lots of Getamped's player would like to play this style because it esy to play.V+X of Fighter is good action and can annoy orther player very much.Most of Fighter's player would like to use accessory like Dragon claw with this style.

Special action Edit

Trident Trident ef

Baseball Relate ef

Action Edit

  • X+X

  • C+C+C

  • D+X

  • D+C

  • V+X

  • V+C

  • Z+XC

Accessory Edit

  • Dragon Claw Dragonclaw

  • Dragon spike DragonSpike

  • Thunder Clossing Thunder crossing

  • Wind Clossing Windcrossing

  • Fire Clossing Fire crossing

  • Saint Cloth Saintcloth

  • Evil Cloth Evilcloht

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