== == Introduction==== Arena is a place to fight.

  • Utilise this fully equipped gym room to your best advantage!
  • Test your brawns in the ancient lures of the Gladiator ring!
  • This mountainous terrain is the biggest map in GetAmped.
  • Don’t overstep your boundaries unless you want to float in space for eternity!
  • Stage your fight in the middle of the city, right smack on the streets!
  • This Chinese styled temple is nestled deep in the quiet mountains and woods, perfect as a combat training ground.
  • This military base provides ample combat opportunities for a thrilling showdown.
  • Beware the complex terrains if you’re gonna square off here
  • The maze-like urban tower provides a great opportunity for a battle.
  • Not many will dare to prove their worth in this eerie and chilly cell.